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Kellan Publishing has original, never-before-published books in many genres including romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, christian and more.
Heads or Tails
Heads or Tails
Heads or Tails - Peter Andrew Sacco

There is a serial killer on the loose...maybe more than one! The number of victims is growing as the New Year approaches. The killings are happening on both sides of the USA and Canadian border, and they are different. It appears one of the serial killers is taking sport in "hunting victims" like prized game. The other serial killer has a different method of operation and the signature is very unique--shrunken heads! It is up to former criminal profiler Dr. Thaddeus Michael Thomas to stop the serial killers before he runs the risk of losing his own head!

Bay Island Beauty
Bay Island Beauty
Bay Island Beauty - George Duncan Painter

James Atkerson is the new editor and Jill Meadows is a reporter on a small daily newspaper in the scenic coastal town of Bay Island. But scenic is about to change into chaos and danger.

Both respond to a police call and find youth minister Rev. Linus Forster dead near the altar of the Bay Street Baptist Church. Both realize they must work with one another to solve the murder even though Atkerson is a loner and Jill dislikes following orders, even from her editor.

Atkerson has another problem. The Raleigh Times, a daily in the county seat, has begun an ad war with the Tribune. He has also made an enemy of the Ferguson Family, who once owned the newspaper. They are waging a campaign to have him fired.

Atkerson’s and Jill’s investigation will point toward a sinister newcomer to the county, a bizarre but rich individual who dabbles in the occult. They must overcome their reservations and work together to solve this case and do it quickly. For there is an evil lurking on the outskirts of the peaceful city. It is coiling and ready to strike again.